History of the most awaited education events in

UAE & Kerala

Global Education Show 2023

4 days take your college 4 years ahead!

An unparalleled platform to showcase all your courses. And the Expo transforms your institute into a marked brand in the international education sphere. Any guess on the number of footfalls? Around 3,00,000! Definitely a great movement!

The 4 day Wonder

In effect, these 4 days take you 4 years ahead! And the Expo transforms your name into a marked brand in the international education sphere. Yes, thousands are there to enroll on various courses!.The much celebrated Show is the 19th in a row.We bring the whole world to the space. People from 35 countries and different continents gather. Definitely an extraordinary movement in Career & Learning. No wonder 200 + Universities, Colleges and other Educational Institutions choose to be a part of the biggest Educational Expo in UAE.

Needless to say, the event is an unparalleled platform to showcase your courses, that too to the right audience. Exhibit them and take your brand to newer heights. The future of higher education in UAE is remarkably bright and promising. The administration is curious to amaze the world by establishing a phenomenal Education System. To reach this noble goal, they incorporate technology and intellect.

For a better insight, let’s look into few interesting facts.

  • In the next 6 years, UAE invests 1.35 Billion USD to enrich Education in the region.
  • International Universities have chapters in other countries. UAE is their favourite and preferred destination.
  • UAE’s development projects are primarily driven by ambitious plans in Education. The projects include UAE 2030 Vision and UAE Centennial 2071.
  • As per estimation, by 2024 the number of students will cross 15 million.

Isn’t this the time to act ?

Doors are open for you all!
  • Professionals seeking postgraduate or training courses
  • Researchers, teachers and parents
  • Management training centers
  • Young professionals and fresh graduates
  • Higher education consultants and advisors
  • Ministry and public sector personnel
  • Local institutes seeking overseas associates
  • Academic staff & other educational professionals
  • Undergraduate and post-graduate students
  • Final year high school students

Which way to go? A puzzling question left in parents and students once they pass the vital juncture, Plus Two.

Our Education Expo has been a trusted hand to discover the right path and build a great career. And in yesteryears several universities and educational institutions got thousands of candidates enrolled on various courses via Expo.

Now it’s your turn.

Book your space and exhibit!

Securing your space at the Expo

There are certain norms to be fulfilled to avail Stall. However they are reserved for the following entities.

  • Universities across the world
  • Educational Institutions
  • Educational Consultants
  • Management Training Centers
  • Professional Management Bodies
  • Banks
  • Coaching Centers
  • Online Learning Institutes
  • Medical Universities & Consultants
  • Career Guidance Centers & Immigrants Consultants


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