Great career is never a coincidence!

To reach there, you should take the right road But is there a credible way?

In 1997, this question arose in few vibrant minds. And the thought led to the launch of Microtec. In fact, we opened new doors to a novel culture in higher education. For instance, our 2011 pilot Educational Expo. In the event, thousands of education enthusiasts gained fascinating insight into the global standards in education. The MBA Journey made history in terms of participation and outcome. More than 20,000 folks gathered to take a higher education walk.

A south Indian record!
That was the beginning of a new era as well. Today, Microtec stands as a leading light in higher education across National and International borders. You have room in the Global Education Map. We take you there !.


Connect each higher education aspirant with the right educator, on a global scale.


Ensure each learner in the globe enjoys an education he or she deserves despite geographical, cultural and political boundaries.

From the Chairman's desk

Vision: Empowering Education for a Progressive Tomorrow

Dear Esteemed Members of the Microtec Educational Community,

Greetings to each one of you!

It is with great enthusiasm and a profound sense of purpose that I extend my heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering support and dedication to the cause of education. In the ever-evolving landscape of human progress, education stands as a beacon, illuminating the path forward and nurturing the creative and inherent spirit within each of us.

Back in 1997, Microtec Educational Services was founded upon the fundamental belief that education serves as a catalyst, propelling individuals to forge ahead in life, irrespective of the challenges that may come their way. Our mission, born from this conviction, has been to redefine the educational experience, championing innovative approaches to empower students and enhance their skills and capabilities.

Over the years, Microtec has remained steadfast in its commitment to creating a transformative educational environment. We have consistently taken pioneering steps to ensure that education becomes a dynamic force, capable of adapting to the ever-changing demands of the world. Our efforts have been focused on cultivating an educational experience that not only imparts knowledge but also fosters critical thinking, creativity, and a passion for lifelong learning.

It is my firm belief that one is defined by the quality of education they receive. Therefore, at Microtec, we strive to provide an educational journey that goes beyond the conventional, preparing students not only for academic excellence but also for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their personal and professional lives.

As we navigate the currents of progress, let us collectively reaffirm our commitment to empowering education. Together, we can continue to break new ground, inspire innovation, and shape a future where every individual has the tools they need to thrive and make a positive impact on the world.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Microtec family. Your dedication fuels our mission, and together, we will continue to illuminate minds and empower futures.

Warm regards,

Shibu K Mohamed


These 4 days take your organizations 4 years ahead!

Seekers and providers of higher education join here, in large numbers. 200 + Universities, Colleges and other Educational Institutions choose to be a part of the biggest Educational Expo. 3,00,000 footfalls are expected. And thousands are there to enrol on diverse courses. Indeed an obvious reason for you to be there!

Generate Leads

The event is an exceptional platform to showcase your courses to the right audience. Interact with them and build a rapport.

Gain Brand Recognition

By 2024 the number of students in UAE will cross 15 million, research says. Isn’t it the right time to be familiar to the mass?

Establish Thought Leadership

Higher education in UAE has a promising future. Of course the government has good reasons to invest 1.35 billion USD in education. Let a novel wisdom and vision guide us!

Education Show 2023

4 +

Days of Celebrative International Event-UAE

8 +

Days of Celebrative Event-India

62 +

Schools From All Over UAE

34 +

Nationalities Participation

200 +

Exibitors From Round The Globe

25000 +

Student Foot Falls


Grade 10-13 Students



Student Counceller

Heads of Institutions

Postgraduate Applicants


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